Pharma Cooling

Our company started in 2006. After thorough market research and round table-sessions with healthcare professionals and patients we concluded that transport and storage of temperature sensitive medication in the last mile of cold chain management have a potential high impact on the quality of the product, the healthcare costs and the quality of patient-life.

Another conclusion is that the quality of traditional cooling solutions such as gel-packs for transport and home refrigerators for storage are not suitable due to their design and usage.

Quality of the product

Proper storage and controlled distribution of temperature sensitive medication is essential to ensure the quality. Deviations from the recommended temperature as stated in the SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) could result in a decreased clinical efficacy and an increased risk of adverse events.

Healthcare costs

Medications that are not properly stored and distributed can not be administered to the patient and must be waisted. The yearly financial impact of spoilage on the healthcare costs is significant.

Quality of patient-life

Patients who travel with temperature sensitive medication experience serious problems trying to maintain the precise temperature while traveling and when arrived at their destination. They limit their traveling and have to spend time and energy to avoid situations with a potential risk.

Pharma Cooler, one solution for storage and transport

There is an absolute need for a new cooling solution that can help healthcare professionals and patients to safeguard the quality of the medication, avoid spoilage and help patients to enjoy their freedom when traveling.

This all stimulated us to develop an innovative next generation cooling technique which can be implemented in one solution for transport and storage in the last mile of cold chain management. To be used by pharmacists, distributors and patients.