Home refrigerator is not suitable


Home refrigerator is not designed for temperature sensitive medication

For patients the home refrigerator may seem like the most logical place, however a refrigerator has not been designed for the storage of temperature sensitive medications, but for preservation of various foods at different temperatures. To effectuate this, a refrigerator has temperature zones, the temperature in one place in the fridge differs from that in another place. Furthermore, the temperature can vary because of the settings, the quality, the maintenance and the age of a refrigerator.

Impact of daily use on temperature

Daily use can result in temperatures above eight degrees Celsius in a refrigerator. KoelkastThink of frequently opening and closing the door. When the door is opened, the refrigerator is filled with heat from its surroundings, whereby the temperature in the refrigerator will rise.

Temperature will also increase while stacking new groceries in the refrigerator. These have a higher temperature than the refrigerator itself. With many new groceries it can sometimes take hours for the refrigerator to reach its normal temperature. This also applies when the refrigerator is cleaned.

Hygiene and safety is not guaranteed

In addition to the temperature, hygiene & safety also play an important role in the storage of medication. The medication could become contaminated in the refrigerator, for example by a leaky sauce bottle or an open bowl of food spilled by accident. Moreover, everyone has access to the fridge, even children or grandchildren. Especially for children it is important that the medicine is stored in a safe place.

Scientific research shows that home refrigerator is not suitable

Recent scientific research conducted in the Netherlands has also shown that only 7% of the medications stored by patients in their home fridge, was stored correctly. This means that 93% was not kept in accordance with the recommendations of the medication leaflet.

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