Problem is in the last mile of cold chain management


To ensure the quality of the medication the temperature need to be safeguarded from the moment of production until the moment of administration to the patient.

Cold chain management for home therapy

The quality of the cold chain logistics is guaranteed during the production proces at the pharmaceutical industry, during (air)transport by specialized couriers to the warehouses, during storage at the warehouses, during transport by specialized couriers to the hospitals and pharmacies and during storage at the hospitals and pharmacies. They all have specialized equipment that maintains the required temperature during transport and storage.

The weak link is the last mile of the cold chain

The last mile of cold chain management concerns temperature control in the last phases of the logistics:

  • transport from the hospital or pharmacy to the patient’s home
  • storage at the patient’s home
  • transport and storage while patient travels
  • storage of refill by the patient after visiting the pharmacist

After the medication is transported to the patient it can take up to three or four months before the medication is administered to the patient. All this time the temperature needs to be safeguarded. Traditional cooling options like gel-packs for transport and home refrigerators for storage are not designed for the storage of temperature sensitive medication.

Scientific research shows that almost 90% of the medication stored by patients in their home refrigerator is not stored correctly and may not be administered to the patient.

Pharma Cooler is the missing link in the last mile

The Pharma Cooler is a hybrid cooling solution for the last mile of cold chain management, to be used for transport and storage by pharmacists, couriers and patients.

The active cooling system keeps the medication in the cool chamber at the exact temperature range and at the same time charges the passive cooling system.

When the passive cooling system is fully charged and the Pharma Cooler is disconnected from a power source, it can keep the medication for up to 48 hours within the recommended temperature range, even under extreme circumstances like a high ambient temperature. In this mode the Pharma Cooler can be used for:

  • transport from hospital or pharmacy to patient and vice versa
  • transport while patient travels (also air transport is possible)

As long as the Pharma Cooler is connected to a power source, the temperature will be maintained permanently. In this mode the Pharma Cooler can be used for:

  • storage at the patients home (when connected to 110/230V)
  • storage while traveling (when connected to 12V)