Development new products

Working with state of the art materials for active & passive cooling systems and insulation have made it possible for us to develop two new products.


Pharma Cooler 2.0
The first Pharma Cooler that we have designed has a dimension of ca. 32x32x48cm. The size of the cooling chamber is ca. 15x15x21cm.

By optimization of the active and passive cooling systems and by replacing the existing EPS-insulation by state of the art insulation we have created a second generation Pharma Cooler with the same storage capacity and performances as Pharma Cooler 1.0, but with a 65% reduction is size.

Pharma Cooler for traveling

Although the original Pharma Cooler can be used for (air)transport, it is mainly designed for storage of a medication-stock of 3 to 4 months of therapy. Patients who travel do not need to transport and store their complete stock of medication, in most cases a stock of 2 to 3 weeks of therapy is sufficient.

That is the reason why we are developing a Pharma Cooler for traveling purposes. Where in the original Pharma Cooler the active and passive cooling systems are integrated, in this version these systems will be separated. The medication can be placed in a small double-walled container which is filled with PCM (Phase Change Material). The container can be placed on an active cooling system, a kind of platter. When the container is fully charged it can be disconnected from the active cooling system. The active cooling system can be placed in a suitcase and the container can be placed in hand-luggage while traveling.

Without being connected to a power source the container can maintain the temperature for 72 hours. At the place of destination the container can be placed on the active cooling system, in this mode the temperature in the container is permanently maintained.